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STEP : Student Talent Enhancement Program

Master your school’s entire science and math syllabus
mapped to your board through gamified learning.

STEP : Student Talent Enhancement Program

Board and school curriculum: These games have been designed to closely follow the school curriculum.
• Re-learning from mistakes: The adaptive games give students a chance to learn from their mistakes without any pressure and at their own pace and convenience.
• Participatory learning: Unlike video lectures where a child is passively watching, the mind of the child is constantly engaged with fun activities.
• Adaptive learning: Our gamified app automatically adapts to the requirements of children with different learning abilities.
• Personalised learning: Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are archived and communicated to the parents and teachers along with detailed reports of each chapter instantly.
• Rewards and scholarship: Rewards are used as a source of motivation to encourage the students to work hard and learn.

The content is created by a team comprising 400+ IITians and Doctors known for training toppers in IIT, IIM, NEET and AIIMS at the legendary Pace IIT & Medical.
The app has over 1,40,000 questions covering 1,000 chapters in a wide variety of Science and Math topics customisable to fit any board’s syllabus.

Rather than charge per subject, our one-time charge of Rs 5,000 will cover all Math and Science topics in your syllabus, with a chance to
win cash back if you perform well in the tests.*
The price includes a free entry into the Play, Learn, Earn Contest
worth Rs 1,000.
Group discounts are available: For a group of 5 students, Rs 4,000 each. For a group of 10 students or more Rs 3,000 each. Free entry into
Play, Learn, Earn Contest included.
Along with every STEP subscription, we help sponsor an underprivileged child on your behalf through our non-profit,
PACE Education Trust.
*Discounted users are not eligible for cashback offer

A revolution in education:
Play, Learn, Earn

A chance to earn Rs 1 Crore by participating in a contest that tests core Math and Science concepts, with up to Rs 20 crores in prizes.


Class Grand Prize Top 100 Top 1000 Total
6th Rs 1 Crore Rs 1 Lakh Rs 12,000 Rs 3.2 Crore
7th Rs 1 Crore Rs 1 Lakh Rs 12,000 Rs 3.2 Crore
8th Rs 1 Crore Rs 1 Lakh Rs 12,000 Rs 3.2 Crore
9th Rs 1 Crore Rs 1 Lakh Rs 12,000 Rs 3.2 Crore
10th Rs 1 Crore Rs 1 Lakh Rs 12,000 Rs 3.2 Crore
Miscellaneous prizes Rs 4 Crore
Total Rs 20 Crore

Play, Learn, Earn gives students a chance to earn real money by studying. Students can apply for the contest by downloading the application, then paying either the Rs 1,000 Contest Entry Fee or by buying the board mapped Student Talent Enhancement Program for
Rs 5,000
. The fee for STEP includes free entry into the contest.

For the contest the EduIsFun app will score participants according to their Speed, Acuracy and Conceptual clarity in every topic.
Top students will receive cash prizes, personalised career advice from professionals, be featured in our promotions and be groomed for future success. Exceptional participants will be invited to the finale where they will be judged by an international panel of intellectuals including prominent professors, authors and scientists.

We have created an amalgamated syllabus of carefully selected core mathematics and scientific concepts from various boards.

Our Panellists
Praveen Tyagi
Founder & CEO, EduIsFun
B.Tech IIT Delhi
Shivaprasad Khened
Director, Nehru Science Centre
Manisha Verma
IAS, Principal Secretary, Tribal Development Department
Sonia Golani
Author, Corporate Divas
Viral Doshi
Top consultant for Education Abroad
Vijay Raaz
Actor, Chopsticks
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