“I am passionate of research in the field of quantum science”
Yash Mahesh Mainkar, Chess Champion

Interests Science, Athletics, Cricket, Badminton, Football, Gaming & Movies
Achievements Homi Bhabha(2nd level)
Inter-school Chess(Runner up)
Inter-School Relay(Runner up)

I am passionate about science and scientific research in fields of quantum science and also regarding large scale cosmic events like black holes and supernovas, and admire the beauty of our lives and the world beyond our plane. I like to play team sports, read science and technology books, compete in gaming competitions and athletics and think a lot about life,universe and reason for our existence and awe inspiring human intelligence as opposed to most of the other species.

To be honest I haven’t decided my “long term” life goal yet, but I have to complete my B.Tech in Computer Science. This is what I have decided about my career and I am sure many things will unfold in the days to come. It is true that studies have become stressful in today’s fast paced life due to increasing competitions and limited opportunities but to succeed without stress we have to remember that education is not important only from the competition point of view but is required for the overall growth and development of ourselves and thus the society we live in. It’s not important to always succeed, as opposed to common belief, but to learn from each failure to make up a better person than an undeserving scholar.