Why It’s Time for Parents to Grow Up!
Sweating and heavily loaded with bag full of books and notebooks the kid got down from the school bus, literally crawling to reach his house, opening the main door, pressing the doorbell and waiting. As the door unlocked, he entered his house moving his little innocent eyes towards the wall clock checking the number of minutes left-to-pass-by, for the clock to strike 3pm. His heart was pounding so hard, that he could feel and hear each beat.

The food was already served and waiting for him on the dining table. Without wasting any more time, he changed his school uniform, wore whatever clothes his mother kept ready for him, literally jumped on to the dining table and put the food in his mouth meant just to feed his empty stomach. After finishing it off, he rushed to put on pair of shoes kept ready by his mother, with his ears open to the cuckoo sound of clock. He again picked up that heavily loaded bag, carried it over his tiny shoulders and as the clock struck 3, he ran to attend his tuition classes.

During daytime as the cuckoo clock struck 3:05 pm, drained of all his energy, almost exhausted like every day routine, he entered his tuition teacher’s house and quietly sat beside the teacher with half sleepy eyes. 

corso_david_banner-840x462‘Please open page 23 of your textbook!’, came an instruction from the tuition teacher. With no other choice left, he obeyed his teacher, opened up the page and pretended as if interpreting the static letters continuously narrated by his teacher.

Now, do you think with this routine, any child will learn and grow at his/her full potential ? Don’t you think we being elders should play our roles better by switching to better means for nurturing our kids?  It’s us elders who need to grow up first and support all aspects of child development, as the child moves from infancy to adulthoodLet’s explore different dimensions of parenting and work towards alternatives which can help you in better development of your child.

Adopt the role of a Friend

Why not begin the journey of learning by beating Maths and science exams with simple edugames that aid your child to learn and grow. This will serve as stronger bonding with the child and build confidence in him. You will like to try out these interesting set of games for conceptual clarity in maths & science that are targeted at students of grade 7, grade 8, grade 9 & grade 10.

Adopt the role of a teacher and a trainer

Why not assess the child’s performance on your own and work for the child’s betterment accordingly. Be your child’s own teacher. Really! Why not? Let’s inherit an entirely new way of gamified learning, get periodic assessment report of your child in your hands and try incentivizing the kid immediately for his performance with cash rewards and scholarships.

Adopt the role where we give the child his own space

Doesn’t your child enjoy those imaginary characters such as ‘Doremon’ and ‘Schinchan’. Aren’t these character your child’s all time favorite? Doesn’t he dream to remain with them throughout the day? So why not let these characters help your child learn. Let him learn in his imaginations, giving some space that encourages creativity by making him learn through these characters. Why not begin your journey with edugames? Learning with friends while playing games is an added incentive for the child. Olympiad quiz games are here to help students of grade 1 to 10 in their preparation for various exams & at the same time allowing them to compete with students across the globe.

Adopt the role of a Soul mate

Historically, more and more children have focused on their grades rather than on fundamental skills. Also, tests in schools are meant to motivate students. But what happens when children respond to testing by getting stressed out? Is there a better way to help students learn, change mindset and improve academic standards?  So why not exploit the magic of animations, sounds and imagination in providing education. Let your child feel the joy of a night tale while learning, let’s strive to be child’s true soul mate and help him fight his weaknesses with his strengths.
Let’s grow up and break the shackles of that heavy stuff from the little one’s shoulder by entering the world of gamified learning!