Every student is unique with different skills and needs. Our curriculum is designed to cater the students of all abilities, enabling them to learn from core to advance concepts of the topic. Eduisfun’s crisp and comprehensive curricula are designed by the panel of experts with years of experience and training in classroom teaching. Each subject whether mathematics, chemistry or physics is taught through an android based app, with different levels to build and strengthen the concepts of each student. Learning rooms and voice guided notes so as to strengthen the concepts and “Homework” feature identifies your weaknesses and provides a quick concept remedy.


Eduisfun’s curricula is comprehensive concept based, enabling student of any standard to master his skills in desired topic.


Our Learning rooms and voice guided notes allows you to strengthen the concepts and “Homework” feature identifies your weaknesses and provides a quick concept remedy and practice.

Personalized Review

The student’s performance is continuously assessed as he/she proceeds through various level, identifying individual weaknesses and generates a personalized set of review materials to re mediate areas of weakness.


Every student deserves a conducive environment where he can learn at his own pace and unravel his talents. We are not programmed to learn within a fixed number of hours. Edu-Games are designed such that you have ample opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Playing Edu Games is to discover your strengths and weaknesses and to develop skills, and confidence to face them.

Stellar and superior educational content

Since these games are prepared by experts in science and mathematics like IITians, doctors and other in house faculty of PACE in close association with creative brains, the product developed is superior in educational content and audio visual technology.

Failure is just a stepping stone to learning

Sometimes failure creates a stigma in the mind of the child who does not want unnecessary exposure of him failing. These games, the results, the levels cleared are all confidential and only between the child and his android device .So even when he does not perform well, there is no stigma attached to it and he can always improve himself.

Stress free learning

Learning becomes fun with Eduisfun. Wiping out the stress in studying, these puissant educational games make learning stress free and effective too.

Gamified Learning

The apps are designed in form of a quest for the treasure while mastery in a topic is achieved while completing various levels. The engaging feature like Double Up, Helping Bird,Flip the question ensures that the child is motivated to explore and learn more.

Map and Mission

The quest like design of the game gives it a thrill of an adventure full of missions. The map indicating the hurdles lying in the way and concepts still left to be conquered.

Coins and Stars

The student is rewarded with stars based on his performance and coins which can be accrued up to the final level. The aesthetic visuals and inspiring audios ensures that the child is fully engaged in the game.

Learning Rooms

An unique feature which allows the student to learn the concepts at the beginning of the game and anywhere in the middle, through our interactive learning rooms.


Student Progress

The student’s progress can be tracked by parents as well as student through our easy-to- view color-coded reports that communicate student data at a glance.


The homework will be assigned on the concept which student did wrong in the first attempt , to ensure that he is thorough with it.

Actionable Data

Teachers can see the progress of entire class as well as individual student. This unique feature facilitate the teacher to understand the area of weakness an individual student and find the specific concepts in which majority of class is struggling. It empowers educators, to take required measures in the classroom, to ensure students achieve their full potential.