Eduisfun’s franchise provides a platform for enhanced gamified learning experience. Learn more about becoming one of the world’s top entrepreneur with them!
Who are we & where do we belong?
We are a team of techies ( alums of IIT / IIM / Ex-EA Sports, Disney India etc) and have come together as Eduisfun. We aim to make learning fun, easy and accessible to everyone through games. At Eduisfun we believe every child is different and deserves a customized learning solution. We aim to provide a unique, well-researched learning experience in keeping with this generation’s tech savvy nature. Check our mission below:

Why Eduisfun?

Today’s young generation is tech savvy and children spend a colossal amount of their time and energy in playing games. They are unimpressed by conventional learning system as there is a need to make learning more engaging, relevant and charismatic to capture their attention for long. Inarguably, due to fun element of video games, children remain hooked up to them for long and master its nitty-gritties effortlessly.That’s why we came up with a new ideology of “Play to learn” so as to make education really appealing to youngsters.

We make it easy to the students to learn each topic of their curriculum within short span of time. Students will be equipped with edugames kit that will help them continue gamified learning throughout the academic year. We help students improve their academic standard by identifying weak areas and providing remedial solutions to the same. We assure that this way of learning will be transforming and will change students perception towards studies in a healthy way.

What do we offer?

Eduisfun offers high-quality content for Class 1 to Class 10th CBSE/ICSE/SSC and Olympiad in the form of:

  • Gamified Learning Slate/Kit with edugames designed as quest full of mysteries, coins, challenges & rewards
  • Chapters blended with games for tech savvy generation, so as to make learning more fun as per the curriculum of respective board.
  • Adaptive program that allows student to master one concept at a time to achieve their full potential.
  • Revision notes, textbook solutions
  • Question bank/multiple choice questions
  • Mentorship/homework help
  • Multiplayer games for Olympiad Preparation
  • Video lessons
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