Our Mission

To make learning fun, easy accessible to everyone through games. 

About Us

Eduisfun inspires students, engages parents and empowers educators, to ensure students achieve their full potential. We are a passionate group of people who firmly believe that games can help make learning fun for everyone. Our adaptive platform provides an enhanced gamified learning experience. It features personalised question-based learning in a bite sized format.

Today’s generation is a tech savvy and dynamic set of youngsters who spend a colossal amount of their time and energy in playing games and are unimpressed by conventional learning. Learning needs to be made more engaging, relevant and charismatic to capture the attention of the child for long. Children have always loved playing video games. The fun element of the games is so attention arresting that kids master the nitty gritties of these games effortlessly. They forget the time they give to these games and are hooked on to them. That’s when we came up with the idea of incorporating fun element into learning so as to make it appealing to youngsters.
At Eduisfun we firmly believe that every student deserves a conducive environment where he can learn at his own pace and unravel his talents. Eduisfun brings to you the magnificent collection of educational games designed for secondary students. These games offer an aesthetic mélange of learning and fun to students. The unique feature is that these games does not bifurcate learning into standards but are dedicated to concepts and their profoundness. They enable a 10th grade student to brush up on their 6th grade concepts at the same time facilitates learning the desired concept by the student of any grade. Very incredibly designed to provide a blend of concept clarity, methodical approach and audio visual delight, these games are the solution to the new generation’s liaison with cutting edge technology and games.
          ✔ Master one concept at a time
          ✔ Voice guided notes
          ✔ In depth analysis of your performance
          ✔ Power-ups are incorporated for interesting gaming
          ✔ Get rewarded for your efforts
          ✔ Pin-points where the student goes wrong
          ✔ Provides appropriate notes to revise
          ✔ Motivating and engaging gamified learning platform
          ✔ Taking personalization to the next level
          ✔ Engage your students with Eduisfun

Now learning will surely be fun!!!