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Every student is unique with different skills and needs. Our curriculum is designed to cater the students of all abilities, enabling them to learn from core to advance concepts of the topic. Eduisfun’s crisp and comprehensive curricula are designed by the panel of experts with years of experience and training in classroom teaching.

What We Offer

Engaging Platform

Education games designed as quest full of mysteries, coins, challenges & rewards

21st Century Mode

Chapters blended with games for tech savvy generation, so as to make learning more fun.


Engineered to identify weakness of a student & ensure concept clarity through personal review.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive program that allows student to master one concept at a time to achieve their full potential.

Education is our passion

Active Student Centered Learning

Our adaptive platform provides an enhanced gamified learning experience. It features personalised question-based learning in a bite sized format. The concept is built step by step as you go through various levels in game making sure that one can go to next level only when skills in previous level is mastered.


  • “Studying through games is a luxury which no school or tuition is going to offer us. My friend who enrolled for Eduisfun along with me, never really focused on studies previously, but now, I observe that he is really putting efforts due to gamified format of learning which is really fun”
    Bombay Scottish School
  • “The games managed to keep my child engaged and focus on learning. It encouraged them to understand the subjects and arrive at best possible scores. The concept is really good and the games allow a child to choose from various topics which enhances their knowledge. I am sure the games will cover more topics in future to reach to more students to make learning easier for them.”
    Parent of Anurag
    Class 10, Podar International School
  • “Overall a really great experience! I can easily differentiate between trigonometric functions.”
    Class 9
  • “To my surprise, the games went very well with studies. They captured my interest and motivated me to play more and more and benefit at the same time”
    HFS, Powai
  • “I learned so many concepts which I missed previously. It also increased my motivation to learn courses like physics with more conceptual clarity than previously. I particularly liked the concept of learning through games which is very new to me.”
    Ruchit Shrivastav
    Class 9, Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School
  • “Learnt a lot of things I din’t know! I found the notes at the end really helpful.”
    Class 8
  • “It was a nice experience with Eduisfun. I enjoyed Olympiad preparation game Snailrush”
    Rohan Bapur
    Mannecki Cooper Education Trust School
  • “These learning games are an attractive solution for students like me who find it difficult to learn subjects at home through books. These games will be of real helpful to me for exams and subsequently in winning by performing good. Thank you Eduisfun”
    Sandrea Lordricks
    Class 8, St. Xavier's High School

Start Your Learning Journey

  • Olympiad preparation for Grade 1 to Grade 10 with 5,00,000+ Questions
  • Chance to know your rank, review your performance & measure your progress
  • Challenge and test your friends for exciting titles & beat their intelligence!
  • Top the leader-boards with your knowledge & have fun all along!
  • Application and Simulation games to guide experiential learning
  • Customised quiz in more than 60 topics including GK, Cyber, History, Geography, Politics, Aptitude, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths etc. for all age groups
  • Covers International English Olympiad (Grade 1-10), National Cyber Olympiad (Grade 3-10), International Mathematics Olympiad (Grade 3 – 10), National Science Olympiad, National Talent Search Examination (10th Grade), Maharashtra Talent Search Exam, National Level Science Talent Search Examination etc.

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About Us

Our adaptive platform provides an enhanced gamified learning experience. It features personalised question-based learning in a bite sized format.

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